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Can be pickpocketed from Watchman-215. You must have Misdirection pickpocket perk to do so.

To make Watchman available, you need to repair him at Central Station first. Sidequest 'Up and Atom' will begin. To repair him you'll need:

You must also complete the main quest 'The Boiling Foundry' and get the Rod of Ohm to activate him. After the quest, he will be walking around the main square of Lull-Mor.


All equipment from The Wheels of Lull can be tempered with a Technomantic Ingot on a grindstone or workbench.

Swing speed is absurdly low.

Attacking Watchman-215 will not cause other residents of Lull-Mor to turn hostile, and can be used as an alternative to pickpocketing.


Watchman-215 in the main square of Lull-Mor