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  • MerrianMay

    - Minor fix for mix up in room bounds during haunted museum quest added to V1.14

    Follow all steps for V1.14 if updating from a version prior to V1.14

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  • MerrianMay


    - Adding missing rare book list to leveled lists for merchant purchasing
    - Fixed collision bounds on gravedigger models
    - Added support for a new mod by Aviform and Icecreamassassin “Fossil mining” which adds a mezzanine to the natural science gallery for displaying 32 new fossil finds that can be found by mining or at excavation sites!
    - Added Misc container to all remote access activators (excavation base camps, library, sort spell)
    - Reworked the initial museum joining quest to have cleaner journal entries and objectives
    - Fixed Fate Card and deck collision (Ice)
    - Fixed missing dialogue line in the Haunted Museum Quest and corrected some subtitles that were not accurate to the sound files or had typos. (Picky)
    - Reworked Haunted Museum o…

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  • MerrianMay

    From Ice:


    I have pulled ULP 1.13 due to some unforseen issues and need for more testing. I would recommend that people revert to V1.12 and reload a character used prior to the update. There are a few reworks that have bigger hiccups than expected and I am going to iron them out in the next couple days. Sorry for the inconvenience."

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  • MerrianMay

    ULP V1.13

    - Reworked “An Interesting Prospect” museum join quest to have proper quest log and target text particular to the stage on the quest rather than generic “find the artifact”
    - Added dwemer fragment recipes to archeology station that allow “Salvager” perk owners to break down 2-5 dwemer junk items for a chance at getting fragments or even keystones
    - Added missing scribe desk recipe for book “Fragment: on Artaeum”
    - Expanded early shattered legacy dialog options to all versions of Auryen
    - Fixed some latoria 1st person vs 3rd person subtitle mismatches
    - Fixed safehouse dish cabinet re-display delay
    - Fixed keystone drop issue with excavator perk lvl 1 and 2
    - Revised excavation site script to accurately notify exact item drop from dig sit…

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  • MerrianMay

    Unofficial Legacy Patch v1.12 changes:

    - Refined Craftloot pre-loader to loot only more relevant containers.
    - Fixed airship stations to work with craftloot system reset.
    - Offset guildhouse Auryen scene trigger box to ensure scene triggers.
    - Added replica options for Wooden Dragon Priest Mask and Poacher's Axe.
    - More typo fixes courtesy of Mykal.
    - Carried forward the latest changes from USLEEP v3.0.9.
    - Adjusted the position of the Crusader’s Mace Chest at Fort Sungard to no longer be floating.
    - Added a condition to the EX01 ForceGreet AI Package on Prof. Marassi that will prevent him from continually force greeting you after recruiting him under certain conditions.
    - Removed DBM_PickyBeaconControl from ULP archive (unused script).
    - Corrected …

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  • MerrianMay

    ULP V1.11

    -New Explorer Relic: Picky’s Beacon and Resonator which can be found at Moesring’s Pass which, when the resonator is installed in the Dev Aveza engine, the beacon can be used to call and send the ship remotely to any of a number of primary stop locations.
    -Re-labeled airship ladder destinations to be “Airship deck” and “Deboard Ship”
    -Modified “Hand of Glory” quest to not add quest item to container until proper quest stage
    -Fixed safehouse cookpot position (ice)
    -Adjusted craft station alignments in safehouse
    -Expanded crafting options in the Airship (added disenchanting font, smelter, sharpening wheel, and armor table). (ice)
    -Linked craft station to the craftloot system (ice)
    -Fixed Erianna’s “what have you got for sale” dialog option…

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  • MerrianMay


    Updated Unofficial Legacy Patch to v1.10.

    - Adjusted compass script to transport you to the front of the museum instead of marks inside it or the safe house when the haunted museum quest or heist mission are active.
    - Removed the Archaeology skill gain when creating a replica of the Dwemer Compass.
    - Increased the gold value of the “real” Dwemer Compass.
    - Red Eagle’s Fury replica may now be placed on display. Previously would not be accepted.
    - Slightly adjusted the position of the display for Windshear.
    - Archeology perks may now be chosen directly through the MCM menu as well as at the guild house, but cannot be reset through the MCM.
    - Added activator to the archeology perk table in the explorer’s guild house that resets all spent per…

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  • MerrianMay


    Updated Unofficial Legacy Patch to v1.9.

    - Fine tuned “An Interesting Prospect” quest script to prevent auryen from sending a letter when you sell a relic if you have already met him and started the quest to find the initial items he’s asked for.
    - Updated book artwork for the French team story books found in the museum.
    - Updated positions of load screen art and adjusted the frequency of the screens again.
    - Fixed forearms not being visible with the Relic Hunter gloves.
    - Fixed ownership issue with phantasmal chest that reassigned chest ownership in owned cells.
    - Fixed issue with doomstone display scripts that fails to count activated doomstones for display count in V1.8.
    - Minor typo edits and other non-noteworthy changes.

    Scripts to Cl…

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  • MerrianMay

    Version ULP1.8

    - Removed old instances of the DBM-DoomstoneDISPScript which have not been needed for quite some time.
    - Made replicas of Labyrinthian magic drain weapons displayable.
    - Corrected the Bloodworm Helm Armor Type. Was listed as Clothing but should be Light Armor.
    - Fixed incorrect audio line on Auryen’s explanation of the Daedric Gallery.
    - Updated divine crusader sealed chests to open to players wearing the proper divine’s amulet that matches the chest.
    - Fixed display count issue where prep station does not properly count sorted jewelry items sorted during ULP 1.7.
    - Added displays for Oelander’s Hammer and Story of Lyrisius (books).
    - Fixed bug in Trial of Trinimac quest if the auriel’s bow quest hasn’t started, where Kyre will not …

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  • MerrianMay

    Version ULP1.7

    - Added several Legacy Load Screens!
    - Fine tuned Craftloot system to not require a second click to start crafting (thanks Pickysaurus for the help)
    - New and improved explorer relic display case
    - Fixed mesh seams in alphabetized book cases
    - Resolved scribe desk control lock up issue!
    - Fixed a typo in the reworked shrine handler that may keep it from working properly
    - Removed Explorer’s Guide Book (all data is accurately tracked in the MCM instead)

    Clean Scripts:
    DBM__QF_DBM_ShrineAndStoneHan_0529E54E (do NOT clean UpdateOffsets, only script and instances)

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  • MerrianMay

    Fixes a problem with part of the Jewelry Cabinet not showing.

    Those in existing saves may find that it still isn't there. TCL through the Amulet display and you will see the cabinet in the distance if you look around. Go up to it and click it in the console and type recycleactor
    It will then move to the correct location.

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  • MerrianMay

    Version ULP1.6

    - Integrated support for Requiem’s edit of the Stendarr shrine effect which prevents display enabling.
    - Conditioned curator guidebooks to state “Auryen is currently out of the museum” when the museum instance of Auryen is disabled for various quests.
    - Fixed Persistent Museum feature bug. Rewrote jewelry and armory cabinet scripts to reprocess the math after a forced shared data re-enable; TLDR it fixed nowz :P
    - Added several missing supported display lists to the persistent museum handler.
    - Fixed Critical Data values for 5 more weapons. They should all be good now.
    - Edited the “Kilvur” blades damage and crit data to be in line with the Ebony Blade. It was far too overpowered.

    Clean scripts:

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  • MerrianMay

    All the Dawnguard items in the armory are missing images. I am starting to add the images. I will also be taking a new picture of the Dawnguard display with the Dawnguard Arsenal items displayed along with everything else.

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  • MerrianMay

    Currently working on adding all the missing Orcish items and their info to the Armory page.

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  • MerrianMay

    Note! If you downloaded v1.5, please re-download v1.5.5. The previous version didn't include critical scripts, textures and meshes.


    - Added secret stone switch to outside of museum secret exit
    - Rebuilt Airship scripts for easy universal edit free use in other mods. Addon Guide .txt file included in archive.
    - The Airship Has full LOD and can be seen from outside major cities when it's docked.
    - Modified airship interior map area, added stop for Elsweyr base and conditioned several flags to only be available after certain quests bring you there. (high hrothgar, winterhold college, volkihar castle and fort dawnguard, etc)
    - Reversed turn in conditions for Much Ado Staff of Ikngthand and Xrib (so Irk becomes the last turned in as it should be

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  • MerrianMay


    - Updated DBM_MCMScript to fix an issue with the elemental dragons listing in the MCM.
    - Fixed Dwemer telescope display (actual display was grabable).
    - Rewrote the Curator’s guide scripts to block usage during the haunted museum and heist quests, as well as block safehouse access prior to obtaining the key.
    - Changed the body slot assignments of Madras’ bandoliers to maintain compatibility with some mods that were causing him to be naked.
    - Fixed dialog bug that gives two artifact turn in options during “Finder’s Keepers”, one of which fires a stage in “An interesting prospect” by mistake.
    - Fixed tapestry not being disabled when Trial of Trinimac display is enabled.
    - Packed missing steel mask model that was edited to address conflicts wit…

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  • MerrianMay


    - Stripped an erronous script from the book "The Saber Cat" that was causing an error to Moonpaths quest. Also, typo fix to this book.
    - Typo fix to "The Lens of Truth" book.
    - Added vendor keywords to the "History of Raven Rock" books.

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  • MerrianMay


    -fixed MCM configuration options for ownership
    -split checklist into two pages (some were getting cut off due to the 128 entry maximum per MCM page)
    -cleaned plugin
    -added missing Sai texture
    -Re-optimized several overblown texture formats


    Scripts to clean: (these must be cleaned from your save using Save Game Script Cleaner.

    If you are upgrading from V3.0 or later, no additional steps need to be taken.

    If you are upgrading from V2 or older on your current save, simply load the game and console SETSTAGE aaaSUTItemFinderHandler 20 which will force fill the new master list for the checklist. Then simply use the MCM menu to configure your desired settings.

    If you are not using SkyUI and MCM menus, simp…

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  • MerrianMay


    - Edits to lighting and weather to several of the Moonpaths to elsweyr Cells.
    - Removed music from airship interior. The music was known to carry on to the exterior world.
    - Changes to DBM_KAFormHandler quest. Addressed in new DBM_KA_Patch (Konahriik's Accoutrements) on legacy Patch Central.
    - Added new versions of the Tamira gold frame textures to try and fix the texture glitch issue.
    - Added the updated Handler Script for the Royal Armory mod.
    - Added Quest Item flag to a version of the Reman Shield as well as proper weight to the non-quest version.
    - Replaced the Metal cupboard/Icebox texture in the safehouse kitchen with a higher resolution one.
    - Updated the MCM archeology page to show arc perk points and skill level not display count.
    - …

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  • MerrianMay

    V18 Final has been posted and Legacy is officially complete. V18 will be the final core package for Legacy and any further updates will be done through the Unofficial Legacy of the Dragonborn patch, maintained by SirJesto.

    V18 Final

    Before updating, remove any items on the whiterun mannequin in the armory. He has been deleted and rebuilt due to an odd equip glitch. Also if adding Thane Weapons Reborn, remove all racked weapons next to the holds mannequins.

    - Rebuilt half of auryen's audio files due to corruption issues
    - Re-recorded and re-wrote Rakis's lines for Khajiit 3rd person and audio quality issues
    - Fixed Latoria's missing ring line.
    - Fixed vanilla treasure map image issues
    - Carried forward SirJesto's Unofficial Legacy patch changes (v…

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  • MerrianMay

    Posted a rebuilt SEQ file for V17.6. This update is a temporary fix for dialog issues with Auryen where he will not progress to specific initial stages and conversations when joining the museum. This is an issue with the SEQ file being out of date. Simply extract this into your MO/Mods/Legacy update (or Legacy folder if you use a single entry for your install) or simply extract into your /Data folder directly if using NMM or installing manually.

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  • MerrianMay

    There is a problem with the current SEQ file in Legacy that causes Auryen's first dialogue to sometimes not start when you enter the museum for the first time.

    It will be corrected in the next update. If you want to fix this yourself, you need to rebuild the Legacy SEQ file. Use (TES5)xEdit, load up Legacy, right click on the ESP and under OTHER choose "build SEQ".

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  • MerrianMay

    V17.6 Updates

    IMPORTANT: V17.6 is now fully USLEEP dependent. As of V17.6, Legacy will REQUIRE USLEEP. This allows me to more easily carry forward some changes that USLEEP provides, allows me to overwrite navmesh changes properly and encourages those few remaining people who insist on playing Skyrim without it, that they have another reason to add it.

    - Fixed incorrect texture path for Ghosu resources
    - Adjusted Finder's Keepers quest to be able to be turned in or reset with Auryen's Excavation and Heist versions
    - Fixed cheese link up issues with food container
    - Repaired properties in 2 of the cloak closet display meshes that can cause CTD for some people
    - Fixed "We were Yokunan's" gray fox book activator
    - Packed missing assets for MIL and Ma…

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  • MerrianMay

    -Updated Dev Aveza patch (re-finalized Navmesh)
    -Updated MIL and OAP patches for minor issues (clean DBM_ArmorDisplay script)

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  • MerrianMay


    - Re-wrote intro quest lines (and audio lines added)
    - Set up museum lockout prior to initial join up quest or relic hunter initial quest. Guide book is disabled, library door locked and a rope and sign barricade blocking the museum proper prior to this quest being done.
    - Added display for immersive college unique dolls to hall of oddities

    - Fixed ring model issues with ahzidal rings and vampire rings
    - cleaned up and optimized Airship control script. added fade to black, time lapse, and transition
    to new cell prior to disabling of old instance of ship.
    - changed map marker icons for guild house and field stations
    - Fixed Dawnfang handlers
    - Updated scripts for museum heist and haunted museum quest
    - Reduced Explorer Assignment Keys…

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  • MerrianMay


    - USLEEP 3.07 ready
    - Fixed MCM menu menu labels
    - Added Moon and Star to quest exhibit toggles in MCM
    - Added dialog option to Auryen to reset the finder's keepers quest if for some reason it pulls up an item that is inaccessible or on Solsthiem or already found, or whatever. He'll immediately assign a new artifact to find.
    - Fixed potential issue in the Much Ado quest script
    - Fine tuned some aspects of the Much Ado questline.
    - Collision issue with new glass panes which prevented access to several book displays.
    - Packed missing assets for MIL support
    - Fixed invisible dig site assets in a bunch of cells

    Scripts to Clean:

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  • MerrianMay

    V17.3 posted and patch posted on patch central. Patch REQUIRES V17.3 to function properly.

    V17.3 Fixed:
    - fine tuned join quest item enabling for quest
    - Overhauled excavation sites: Re-wrote the handler script because of bugs and compatibility issues. Now uses kneeling chisel animation instead of mining and yields properly. Sites also self refresh every 15 days and have a lantern that goes on when available and off when exhausted.
    - Missing BCSLL inner book images packed
    - File pathing issues with dawnfang/duskfang and reorganized textures for the display

    - added larger quantity soul gem transmutation recipes to soul gem transmorgrafier
    - Added support for PrivateEye's "Royal Armory" (With patch on Patch Central)

    Clean Scripts:

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  • MerrianMay

    V17.2 Update

    - rebuilt glass textures for cases etc
    - Fists of Randagulf quest won't complete the journal quest now unless it's started already
    - misaligned architecture in dragonborn hall
    - Mislabeled sancre tor MCM display toggle label
    - fleshed out ancient technology dwemer schematic quest to avoid constant quest targeting Madras in between finding schematics.
    - Set generic Falmer Loremasters to only occur at level 25+ (much ado quest ones still are there)
    - Added support textures for MIL and MAS dagger items
    - missing dragon book textures
    - missing city guide images

    - Built in support for upcoming Skyrim Underground addon by Orian34
    - Auryen got tired of dusting the books on the third floor and decided to build in display cases around t…

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  • MerrianMay

    V17.1 update

    - Fixed issue with "An interesting Prospect" intro quest (see notes below)
    - rebuilt a few lip sync files
    - removed old script from staff of gadnor activator
    - cleaned up a few superfluous references
    - missing book mesh
    - missing dawnfang display texture
    - missing texture from light and heavy armory display storage

    Scripts to clean:

    If you have not yet started the interesting prospect quest, you should clean the scripts above and then load your save game and console:

    SETSTAGE DBM_MuseumJoinQST 1

    then proceed as normal. There might be an extra ring as a result, but the quest will complete as normal. If you have already begun the q…

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  • MerrianMay

    News: Legacy v17 is live

    December 27, 2016 by MerrianMay

    V17 Updates

    V17 is a massive update to Legacy of the Dragonborn. The core package of this mod has been repacked to remove extraneous files that were packed unnecessarily in previous versions. I am appealing to everyone to start fresh with V17. You CAN clean scripts and continue your existing game, but I greatly suggest that only for players who have 600+ displays and have already finished Shattered Legacy. The structure and flow of quests for Legacy as well as reward systems and joining the museum itself has drastically changed. If you insist on updating from an older version, you do so on your own and without ANY support from me. Below you will find the scripts which have been updated since V16.11 which includes new scripts which you obvio…

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  • MerrianMay

    "Alrighty everyone, the V17 Beta is LIVE! if you are interested and able to do a little beta testing, let me know and I'll send you the link. I need folks who know their way around xEdit and are familiar with Legacy and it's inner workings a bit more than the average user. I've sent a message off to the development team and a couple other folks but I'm happy to have others involved.

    This Beta will probably go for a couple weeks and then I'll pack up for final release." - icecreamassassin

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  • MerrianMay

    "So updated the MIL and MIL+OAP patches. The ONLY issue I found in them is that the activator for the robes of st rilm wasn't attached. So those of you who are having issues with falling items, you have to have the original version of these patches instead of the previous version, they all have the havoc script so there is nothing wrong with the displays. If they DO have the script on them in your versions of the patch (which was missing from the initial release on some items), the item would be auto returned to it's proper place. The fact that this is not happening in your game shows you have an outdated version." - icecreamassassin

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  • MerrianMay

    "New version of SUT is live! Added new config MCM menu and fixed a few bugs and added a few new reworked models. Now in V17 of Legacy I need to adapt the displays for the new items, new labeling system and to fix the integrated support so all items are present which should be.

    V3 Update

    - MCM configuration menu with the following features:

    • Toggle notification messages when unique items are found (posts as notification instead of message box now)
    • Toggle for player/NPC ownership of items found in shops/homes/inns etc
    • Lore friendly/Non lore friendly item toggle option
    • built in check list for all unique items which will check itself off when you find the item

    - Console quest controller for immersion setting. If you don't use SkyUI simply console SETS…

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  • Sanamia


    November 17, 2016 by Sanamia

    Only semi-active here as I will be spending more time to clean-up templates on the German Wiki. Still need to translate most templates over there, and then double check if I have everything both there and on the French wiki.

    After that it's back to portal pages and overviews, Who I can then just port over to each wiki without extra work.

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  • MerrianMay

    Updated issue with Heavy Armory's new items being enabled by default. If you have used the armory cabinet since this update, your display count may be off. Open the cabinet, count the number of trident and long mace and akaviri items and subtract that total from 32, then add that remaining count to your display count with console SET DBM_DISPLAYMAX TO DBM_DISPLAYMAX + X (where X is the total you need to add). If you have NOT used the armory cabinet since installing the new armory patch when it was first released, you should be fine. If any of the aforementioned new displays are enabled on the wall, you will want to console disable them. If you used the cabinet, do not do this step.

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  • MerrianMay

    The French version of the Legacy wikia launched yesterday. This means that there are now both a Spanish and a French version of the wikia available.

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  • MerrianMay

    A new Gallery Armory patch pack has been posted on patch central. This patch will replace any and all heavy armory, immersive weapons and armor, and dawnguard arsenal patches. Read the readme included.

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  • MerrianMay

    "The extensive and ultimately confusing Heavy Armory/Immersive weapons and armor patch collection is going to be redone. Currently the Heavy armory patch requires a version to go along with the IW or IWIA combo you use, and requires that legacy patch as well. This is simply because each patch overwrites and they all need to be able to carry forward items on their FormLists.

    I am currently working on a new setup for the patches which will require only a single plugin to be loaded to provide you support for the gallery Armory. This patch will cover Immersive weapons, Immersive armor, Dawnguard arsenal and Heavy armory. You still will be required to pick one patch from a list of numerous combination depending on which of these plugins you use,…

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  • Sanamia

    patch updates

    November 3, 2016 by Sanamia

    Updated MIL and OAP patches.

    - Fixed missing havoc scripts - Removed duplicate display in combo patch - Changed tower of 9 to OAP version in combo patch

    Clean DBMArmorDisplayScript when updating.

    Updated MAS patch

    -fixed issue with Hellfire staff clipping and displays of MAS items that went missing on the last update.

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  • Sanamia

    News: Heavy Armory

    November 1, 2016 by Sanamia

    Warning: Heavy Armory just released an update recently, DO NOT update to this new version until compatibility is addressed and a possible release of updated set of patches. It sounds like this update works off the CCOR compatible version rather than the original, so it should be fine, but several people have expressed issues with the armory this week, and upgrading HA is probably to blame. Please wait for an update to the patches.

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  • Sanamia

    News : AOS displays online

    October 30, 2016 by Sanamia

    Yes while most displays are now accounted for this is also a test of a new news feature I really want to implement so I'm doing words.


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  • DocDoBig

    Might be not as active

    October 18, 2016 by DocDoBig

    Beside Skyrim I play Battlefield with a passion, Battlefield 1 launched today and I'm going to play the f out of it for an unforeseeable time

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  • DocDoBig

    ToDo this weekend

    October 7, 2016 by DocDoBig
    • Make Seashell map FINALLY, I was thinking about how I do it the best, I will just fly up to the sky with tcl and make some screenshots of the map that way and hope it doesn't look all too shabby
    • Work on LLN pages
    • Play the Dragonborn DLC on Tucia :P
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  • Sanamia

    Just this one little thing...

    Well okay I could make it easier if I made a template to manage this thing. Okay I'm tired of copy pasting over this link it's too long and hard to remember. Maybe if I make a template for that template then this template...

    In the end XKCD got it right:

    Though I wont stop now, it's so beautiful when the pieces fall together and a single word suddenly does stuff.

    But over 40 templates in I believe I forgot one or two. Meh I'll find it again, and at some point I should really return to the original problem :P

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  • DocDoBig

    So usually I'd have a 30 seconds+ loading screen when I go through doors, I used to live with it as I'm coming from XBOX, but goddamn did it begin to annoy me to the point where simple fetch and get quests were just progressed with the coc and movetoqt command, as it is my first serious non-test playthrough I really despised doing that all the time.

    But the fix was right under my nose, I had to just disable Auto Save on Travel: and now everything loads like it's a fresh save again, I have to fiddle with large 40 mb save games now so I guess every time I'm changing cells it has to write that 40mb file

    Now I just have to rely on hard and quick saves which isn't really a problem as my load order is surprisingly st…

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  • DocDoBig

    Unused objects in Legacy

    September 22, 2016 by DocDoBig

    In my adventures with CK I stumbled over some things that are inside Legacy but aren't really used, just to remind myself I make this list and perhaps ask ice one day what the plan for those is:

    • Sigvarr's Journal - dunOgmundsTomb_SigvarrsJournal from the Ogmunds Tomb quest mod which is included in Legacy, can be obtained by cocing to DBM_util and take it from a chest
    • Vosis Dragon Priest - if you write help Vosis in the console you will see there are 3 NPC's called Vosis all from Legacy, they aren't used anywhere
    • All cells from Morsel - The Cursed Halls are included in it's entirety but aren't used anywhere coc codes here:, I asked ice about it and it will be used for Odyssey, Quote "It's going to be the base tem…
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  • DocDoBig

    I love returning home

    September 20, 2016 by DocDoBig

    And see all my slav.... I mean followers I dismissed over time, gathered up around the dining table to enjoy some food with Auryen and Avram:

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  • DocDoBig

    Dig Sites Locations

    September 12, 2016 by DocDoBig

    Time to step up the Dig Sites page and add all locations where one appears, CK counts there are 100 of those across the game, 4 of are unreachable normally (3 in DBM_Utility3 cell and one is just a static version used in the dining room of the Museum)

    It's pretty hard to determine the location of a dig site in the CK render screen so I leave out some exact locations to see it later ingame.

    I'm making a txt again and add it at work lunch tomorrow.

    Little side note regarding Paintings so i don't forget, the Painting from Lord Niles Macnarian is called Macnarian's Painting and is the big one used above the fireplace in the dining room, always wondered why i cant put a picture there normally.

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  • DocDoBig

    Fate Card Locations

    September 12, 2016 by DocDoBig

    I prepared a txt file with 25 Cards that have fixed locations yesterday before going to sleep which I will apply later on my lunch break

    Done: 12th September

    Yup Card of Demons: Ace can't be looted from Harkon

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  • DocDoBig

    Seashells guide

    September 10, 2016 by DocDoBig

    About seashells, I wanted to find out the exact spawnpoints for those, I asked on the nexus page how i could accomplish that with ck, that's why the one I edited looked like crap, I was going to edit it later with possible fixed locations.

    Guess i can't do that without doing more work than good since there are 120 spawn points set by the original mod author, perhaps i will compile a list similar in style to the Unique Treasure Chests guide (without screenshots of course) but with a map of the coast with little dots and I will just link to it in the new cleaned up seashell pages

    I compiled a pastebin template page for seashells nonetheless:

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