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Found in:

  • Abandoned Prison, .
  • Atheron Residence in Windhelm, on a shelf with several other books.
  • Bards College in Solitude, on a bookshelf on the upper floor.
  • Broken Oar Grotto, on a table.
  • Castle Dour in Solitude, on an end table.
  • Chillfurrow Farm, .
  • Cracked Tusk Keep, .
  • Dragonsreach, Whiterun
  • Also in the Dragonsreach Dungeon, on a shelf.
  • East Empire Company Office in Windhelm, all four volumes can be found here after the completion of the quest 'Rise in the East'.
  • Fort Dunstad, in the Commander's quarters.
  • The Frozen Hearth in Winterhold, every volume is found in Nelacar's room.
  • Haemar's Shame, on a shelf in the room with the arcane enchanter.
  • Helgen Keep, in the torture room, while following Ralof or Hadvar during the quest 'Unbound'.
  • House of Clan Battle-Born in Whiterun, in a locked room in the western bedroom.
  • Jorrvaskr in Whiterun, on a bookshelf.
  • Jorrvaskr Living Quarters in Whiterun, directly across from Kodlak's bedroom.
  • The Katariah, on a shelf during or after the quest 'Hail Sithis!'.
  • Mara's Eye Den, in a box with other books on top of the crates near the entrance.
  • Riften Jail, on a high shelf in Sibbi Black-Briar's cell.
  • Can be bought from Urag gro-Shub in The Arcanaeum.