Some mods require a compatibility patch to ensure that they will not cause problems for each other in your game. An example of this are mods that add items which Legacy will also add or mods that change an area where Legacy has placed items.

All are found in the Legacy of the Dragonborn Patch Collection installer, Optional Mod Patches for Legacy installer or in the other file sections on Legacy's Patch Central.

Solitude Support

Open Cities Skyrim

Provides navmesh and static support for the museum and Open Cities. Requires a new save on initial install.

Solitude Capital ed.

Provides navmesh and static support for the museum and the city.

Solitude Bathhouse

Allows the Solitude Bathhouse mod to play nice with Legacy.

Solitude Skyway

Compatibility patch for Solitude Skyway

Museum Expansions

Mad Masker Addon Patch

This mod provides gallery support in the hall of oddities for Mad Masker by making several adjustments to the store and many of its items. Please read the Readme for more information. Requires Mad Masker to run correctly. Mad Masker is unavailable on the Nexus.

More Interesting Loot

Integrates support for More Interesting Loot by opening up an additional exhibit for many of the items and places the items from MIL randomly into leveled loot containers.

More Interesting Loot Static Loot

This is a complete rework of existing MIL patch. It's a REPLACER. It has a different name and does mostly the same things, but you should NOT use it with the existing More Interesting Loot patch - you WILL have problems.

Oblivion Artifact Pack

Patch for Legacy and Oblivion Artifacts Pack v5.5. A combination patch will also be installed in a seperate directory if you are also using the !More Interesting Loot" mod.

Artifacts of Boethia

Patch for Legacy and Artifacts of Boethiah

Amulets of Skyrim

Patch for Legacy and "Amulets of Skyrim"

Real Shelter

Patch for Legacy and Real Shelter mod to add shelter from weather for Legacy added buildings. Patch courtesy of kojak747.


Immersive Weapons

The installer provides a patch, however if Immersive Armors is also used the combo patch must be used instead.

Immersive Armors

The installer provides a patch, however if Immersive Weapons is also used the combo patch must be used instead.

Heavy Armory

Ensure that these patches are loaded AFTER the Immersive Weapons and Armors.

Dawnguard Arsenal

The installer provides a patch, however if all other mods listed above are installed, you will need a combo patch for all four mods.

Item Patches

Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul

Integrates Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul into Legacy. Patch by DrMonops and SirJesto.

Immersive Jewelry Patch

Combines leveled lists and adjusts some item and display appearances.

Weapons and Armor Fixes Remade

Integrates Weapons and Armor Fixes Remade into the museum

Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade

Integrates the museum and its items into the Complete Crafting Overhaul system. Patch supplied by Hazado.

Clothing and Clutter fixes

Integrates Clothing and Clutter Fixes into the museum. Patch by SirJesto.


Combines the three patches for Clothing and Clutter fixes, Weapon and Armor fixes Remade and Complete Crafting overhaul into one patch.

 Deselect the three individual patches when using this one!


See: Undeath

Integrates Undeath into the Museum.

Overhaul Systems


Requiem patch for Legacy. Supplied by Rylasasin Additionally there is a Patch available if you use both Requiem and More interesting loot or if you use the Static Loot Patch (don't use both MIL patches).


Integrates the Museum with Skyrim Redone


Integrates Legacy with YASH (Yet Another Skyrim Hardcore mod). Patch by SirJesto

Additional Patches

RS Children

Allows Support for the Legacy NPC, Henry. Patch supplied by Bigdeanno.

Cutting Room Floor

Allows Cutting Room Floor to work properly with Legacy. Patch by Ishara Meradin, Mebantiza and SirJesto

Dev Aveza

A static version of the Dev Aveza is already in Legacy, however to freely fly around with it (not just fast travel points). the Original mod and the patch are required.

The Moon and Star

Creates item compatibility and story integration between MAS and Legacy. Ties the acquisition of the moon and star ring for Legacy's shattered legacy quest into the moon and star main quest. This patch also changes the rewards offered by the Nerevarine to: Mace of Slurring, Magebane, or Staff of Hellfire, all ICA custom made, exclusive items only obtainable with this patch. After choosing the reward, the other two items will be enabled in game to be found.

NOTICE: Because the patch alters legacy and moon and star's main questlines, at bare minimum, MAS and the Legacy patch MUST be installed together at the same time, preferably, the same time as legacy is installed, or at very least either before Shattered legacy is started or after it is done.

3rd Party Patches

Another Sorting Mod 2016

Integrates an impressive sorting system into Legacy. Patch supplied by Mebantiza.

Audio Overhaul for Skyrim 2

Gives AOS2 sounds to some weapons. Patch by SirJesto.

Dragon Priests Enhanced

Modifies a Dragon Priest staff. Patch by SirJesto.

Kohnariks Accoutrements

Adds a few death items to the leveled lists. Patch by SirJesto.

Enhanced Skyrim Faction Companions

Ensures Legacy's Keywords for notes are carried forward as well as BCS texture for Kodlak's Journal. Patch by SirJesto.

Immersive Horses

Ensures Legacy's version of Frost's ownership papers are carried forward. This patch is not necessary if you load Legacy AFTER Immersive Horses. Patch by SirJesto.


Maintains compatibility with Sofia follower mod by fixing being trapped under Dragonreach Dungeon. Patch by SirJesto.

Unique item improvement

Modifies some abilities for a few unique Items. Patch by SirJesto.

Weapons and Armors Attributes

Patch designed to make the Legacy content fit within this system.

Non-Automatic Skill Books

Non-Automatic Skill Books provides a version for Legacy now, removing the need of a patch as it is a single .esp

Removes the auto skill point gain for the Lost Library books integrated in Legacy. Patch by SirJesto.

Realistic Needs and Diseases

This file ensures compatibility between Legacy and Realistic Needs and Diseases. Patch by SirJesto. Made for the version of RND found HERE only

Skyrim Coin Replacer

This file ensures compatibility between Legacy and Skyrim Coin Replacer Redux. Patch by SirJesto.

The Men of Winter

Compatibility patch for The Men of Winter mod. Patch by SirJesto.

Dark Brotherhood Reborn

This file ensures compatibility between Legacy and Dark Brotherhood Reborn. Patch by SirJesto.

Beyond Reach

This file ensures compatibility between Legacy and Beyond Reach. Patch by SirJesto.

Dark Brotherhood for Good Guys

This file ensures compatibility between Legacy and Dark Brotherhood for Good Guys. Patch by SirJesto.


Allows Support for the Legacy NPC, Henry. Patch supplied by arkayn71

Improved Artifacts Collection

Patch ensures compatibility between Legacy and Improved Artifacts Collection (Complete). Patch by SirJesto

Separate Patches

The Notice Board

Adds an immersive entry note into becoming the museum relic hunter for those who do not have LAL, or for those who don't make the choice to be the relic hunter.

Morrowloot Ultimate

Fixes problems for those players who want to play with the full system. Supplied by Mebantiza. DOESNT ADD ITEMS only addresses vanilla conflicts.

MUS - Morrowloot Ultimate Simplified

Legacy patch for Morrowloot Ultimate Simplified. This file is NOT included in the Patcher.

Unofficial Legacy patch

Fixes minor text, graphical icon and other minor issues. To be used with v16.x. Patch by Kelsenellenelvian