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Dig Sites appear throughout the game around Nordic, Dwemer and Falmer (Snow Elf) ruins.

Activating a dig site will have the player chisel fragments from the site and the Archaeology Skill will be raised by 1. Without any archaeology skill perks, a dig site will give 2 Fragments and a chance of one Keystone corresponding to the type of dig site.

There are 46 Nordic, 22 Dwemer and 29 Falmer dig sites.


Nordic dig site


Dwemer dig site


Falmer dig site
  • Darkwater Pass - In a side room on the lower level next to an arcane enchanter.
  • Darkwater Pass - Near the top entrance in the first cavern at the base of the waterfall.
  • Duskglow Crevice - Close to the entrance, on the ground below the ledge where two Falmer are fighting a Bandit.
  • Gloomreach Hive - At the bottom of the big pit in the living area at the Hive right before the exit back to the Cavern. Next to a Falmer hut.
  • Irkngthand Sanctuary - Sanctuary: To the left side of the big Snow Elf Statue.
  • Liar's Retreat - In the room with The Longhammer.
  • Lost Echo Cave - In the room with the ceremonial brazier.
  • Shimmermist Grotto - Under the bridge in the area after the Chaurus nest.
  • Stillborn Cave - In the side tunnel directly ahead from the entrance.
  • Tolvald's Gap - At the bottom of the cliff right after entering. Next to a waterfall.
  • Dawngaurd: Darkfall Cave - At the end of the first hanging bridge shortly after entering the cave.
  • Dawnguard: Darkfall Passage - Near the chest with a trap trigger surrounded by Gleamblossoms.
  • Dawnguard: Darkfall Passage - In the cavern with the big waterfall, near a Falmer hut with a Falmer boss chest.
  • Dawnguard: Forgotten Vale - Near the 'Start' after surviving the Darkfall Passage.
  • Dawnguard: Forgotten Vale - At the start of the Pilgrim's Path, close to a stone bow structure.
  • Dawnguard: Forgotten Vale - Near the first Unknown Book at the shore of the river after entering the main valley.
  • Dawnguard: Forgotten Vale - Across the river from the Wayshrine of Learning.
  • Dawnguard: Darkfall Grotto - Shortly after falling through the hole to the right side on a ledge.
  • Dawnguard: Forgotten Vale - At the frozen lake, on the western shore near the waterfall.
  • Dawnguard: Forgotten Vale - Near the Wayshrine of Resolution down at the lakeside by the crumbled pillars.
  • Dawnguard: Sharpslope Cave - Sharpslope Cave: At the bottom of the big spiral staircase.
  • Dawnguard: Forgotten Vale - In a Lair of the Frost Giant holding the Emerald Paragon.
  • Dawnguard: Glacial Crevice - Glacial Crevice: After swimming around in the underground water cave, after two hanging bridges.
  • Dawnguard: Forgotten Vale - Follow the ore veins to the left of the Diamond Paragon Frost Giant Lair on the way to Luca's Pick Axe.
  • Dawnguard: Forgotten Vale - Behind the staircase to the Inner Sanctum Temple.
  • Dawnguard: Forgotten Vale Forest - Use the Ruby Paragon to access the forest. Look near the troll den.
  • Dawnguard: Inner Sanctum - Use the Sapphire Paragon to access an inaccessible room within Inner Sanctum.
  • Legacy: Alftand Refugee Annex - In the large dining room with a spider, located to the right side by a skeever pen.
  • Legacy: Xrib Refugee Annex - In the room with the two Centurions, to the right of the stairs.
  • Legacy: Irkngthand Refugee Annex - To the left of the door at the top of the ramps in the big cavern.
  • Legacy: Lost Ruins - In the main cavern after the excavation team sets up.
  • Legacy: Trinimac Temple Ruins - To the left as you enter the cave.
  • Legacy: Trinimac Temple Ruins - At the bottom of the cave.
  • Legacy: Trinimac Temple - After unlocking the first door on the right.
  • Legacy: Temple of the Venerable Ones - When you access the central chamber look to the left to unlock the large door then follow the ice cavern until it branches to the right. Next to a giant frozen ice troll.
  • Legacy: Temple of the Venerable Ones - After the previous one continue down the crevace to the bottom where the chime is located. It's on the ground floor to the east side.
  • Legacy: Darkwater Cavern Origin - Can not confirm location.

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