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Recruit members for the Explorer's Society.


After reading Auryen's letter, this quest should automatically start. The letter can be found on top of the world map on the table in the explorer's guild house.

The quest will show you where each of your recruits is at.

Latoria: The Frozen Hearth, Winterhold.

Marassi: Whiterun.

Eriana: Nightgate Inn.

Kyre: Left hand Mine, near Markarth.

Madras: Understone Keep, Markarth.

When going to the Explorer's Society Guild House after quest completion Latoria will greet you and give the ring Wanderlust.

Quest Stages

Quest Name (Quest ID)
Stage Journal Entry
5 Auryen has given me a list of potential members. Two in particular he has in mind for specific roles and I can try and inquire directly with them. Others he has listed are good possible members should I happen upon them.

Objective :

I have gathered together a group of intrepid explorers in hopes of building the explorer's guild into something great.

Objective :

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