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Found in:

  • Near Alftand, in the hidden treasure chest shown on Treasure Map XIII, on the cliff above the chasm. It does not appear until the treasure map has been obtained.
  • Avanchnzel Animoncultory, behind a locked door, in the room with a lot of pipes, on a Dwemer shelf by some pots.
  • 2 in Bthardamz Study, on the table in the locked room near the door to the Lower District.
  • Nchardak Aqueduct, room on the left with the ballista, on the table next to a Kagrumez resonance gem and a chest.
  • 2 in Mzulft, in a chest between two Dwarven urns.


Near Alftand


Bthardamz Study

Nchardak Aqueduct