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Quest related NPC's

Ongar Brewer

Ongar Brewer

Talking to Ongar starts the Ongar's Kegbreaker Quest. See more >

Brother Ikard

Brother Ikard

Brother Ikard will wait in front of the museum at the start of 'Night at the Museum'. See more >


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Ezra is an essential NPC of the 'Shattered Legacy' quest, and is a member of the Guardians. She can be found in Fort Pale Pass West Tower, from where the player needs to escort her to the camp at the Emblem X on the 7000 Steps. See more >

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[[:]] [[ |See more >]]

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Legacy's special Enemies

Elven Lich


According to Auryen Morellus, this Lich might be a long deceased Snow Elf who was imprisoned in Deepholme by the Altmoran See more >

Zealot of Molag Bal


He is a fanatic follower of Molag Bal residing in Castle Volkihar Keep, clad in full Molag Ball outfit. See more >

Umbra (NPC)

Umbra NPC

A hostile when approached Orc. He can be usually found at the unmarked Location of Dead Lovers Camp, just the path uphill of Old Hroldan Inn. See more >

Lord Dregas Volar

Lord Dregas Volar

A hostile when approached Dremora in Dregas Volar Sanctuary, found together with two Bodyguard Dremora Valkynaz. See more >

Malsato The Hungry


Malsato settled down in Sload's Lair and needs to be first poisoned with Poisoned Hyena Meat then killed during the quest The Dinner Guest. See more >

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