Find a replacement for Ongar's hammer This quest comes in two variations. One if you have less then 60 skill points in smithing, the other if you have more than 60 skill points in smithing.


Go to the Nightgate Inn west of Windhelm and speak to Ongar, who is drunkenly swaying around the inn. He claims it's the fault of his warhammer. He'll give it to you if you bring him a replacement.

Less than 60 skill points in smithing version:

Shop for Ongar's new Warhammer in Windhelm, Solitude, or Whiterun.

The replacement hammer is in Warmaiden's in Whiterun, on the counter. Buy or steal the item.

60 or more skill points in smithing:

Gather supplies and forge Ongar's new Warhammer.

Go to any forge. A new item, Ongar's Warhammer, should be available for crafting (no perks required).

Materials needed:

Return to Ongar

Return to Nightgate Inn, and trade the new Warhammer for Kegbreaker.

Show the Kegbreaker to the curator of the Museum in Solitude

You need to show Kegbreaker to Auryen before the display in the Daedric Exhibit Hall will become available.



  • I've met the supposed drunkard Ongar Brewer at the Nightgate Inn, who has agreed to trade me his peculiar warhammer of inebriation in exchange for me forging a proper replacement. I've designed some plans and now just need the supplies.
  • I've forged a fitting replacement for Ongar's warhammer and should present it to him at the Nightgate Inn.
  • I've given Ongar a new warhammer in exchange for his oddly enchanted warhammer known as "Kegbreaker". He warned me not to use the hammer too often lest I fall victim to it's inebriating effects. I should show the hammer to the curator at the museum in Solitude.
  • The hammer "Kegbreaker" is apparently an artifact of Sanguine known as the Inebriator. Auryen has set a place in the Daedric gallery to display it.


Blacksmith 60+ version
10- I talked to Ongar, I should make a replacement hammer
11- I made a replacement for Ongar

Blacksmith < 60 version
20- I met Ongar, I should shop for a hammer
21- I found a hammer at Warmaidens

25- Return to Ongar
30- Gave the hammer to Ongar and got Kegbreaker, show it to Auryen
35- Quest complete, Auryen set up a display spot