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Please note that all of the mods listed below are for Skyrim Classic. The links for Skyrim Special Edition can be found on the Legacy page for SSE here under the tag "Technical Information" and "Integrated Support for Mods".

The following mods are supported in V19. For most of these mods, you only need to install and run them alongside Legacy and then Legacy will automatically patch itself to provide special content and features.

You can find a list of non-displayable special items added by supported mods here.

Please note that support only applies to the original mod file and will not function with a custom merged package! So you will need to re-merge your package without these mods and run them separately to gain the additional museum content.

A room opens in the hall of oddities with displays for all the lore friendly items from SUT. There are no displays for ninja dolls, mint plates or modern looking banjos.

A gallery exhibit opens in the hall of oddities for all jars. No spot is provided for the MUS-TARD jar

The arboretorium in the Gallery of Natural Science gets a pair of shelves next to it where you can place the fairy cages and free the fairies into the exhibit

The Dragonborn Hall adapts to have mannequins for all of the dragon priests so you can display the armor from this mod. The mannequins are also set to accept the robes (light or armored) as well as replica dragon priest masks via the main prep station. Also adds a quest display and related artifact displays to the hall.

Hall of Lost Empires adapts to place a door under the base of the steps that leads to an exhibit room called the Aetherium Collection where you can display both varieties of the UNENCHANTED versions of the gold or silver aetherium items. The aetherium forge display appears inside this new hall but the original display will need to be manually disabled if it has already been enabled and the patch installed mid playthrough.

Legacy has an instanced static version of the airship that has specific ports
it can move to. With the patch and original mod, the instanced version is
removed and the original Dev Aveza is used instead. The patch removes
all the Thalmor, removes the scaffold leading up and disables the dock
and ship until after shattered legacy is done and the guild is built,
then the ship and dock are added. The ship has two interior options per
the official mod, and the classic version has linked storage with the
safehouse just like the default legacy instanced version of the ship.

Legacy has an activator placed at the start spot for the Solitude ship arrival start for LAL which disables after 12 game hours. If you choose this start, you get an option for the Relic Hunter start and new starting equipment.

Quest display is added to the Dragonborn Hall as well as a display for the armors and one unique dagger.

  • Wyrmstooth by jonx0r - No longer available on Nexus, but available elsewhere.

Quest display is added to the Dragonborn Hall and display for 3 unique weapons found during the mod quests. Additionally a dragon claw is added to the main claw display in the hall of heroes.

Various ingredients are added to the animal part/leather container list in the safe house so they sort properly.

A quest display is added to the Dragonborn Hall which also has a display for all the unique items from the mod EXCEPT the cowl itself which is stored in the daedric gallery. Item displays can be placed any time.

A quest display is added to the Dragonborn Hall as well as displays for 3 unique weapons

Adds a lot of displays in the Armory. The weapons diplay among the weapon displays on the wall behind each armor display.

A trophy display for the heads is placed in the hall of secrets across from the contract skulls.

Shelves are placed below the fish tank in the gallery of natural science which displays the fish bowl collection. The bowls are placed and the fish released into the tank.

Adds a room in the Hall of Oddities with displays for the unique weapons and armors the mod adds.

A quest display is added to the Dragonborn Hall after finishing the good ending.

A quest display is added to the Dragonborn Hall after finishing the quest.

Adds displays for its weapons.

Adds a display for its items in an alcove in the Hall of Heroes.

Several displays added in the Hall of Heroes, Upper Gallery, and Library for mod items, as well as a display for quest completion in the Dragonborn Hall.

Adds a display to the Dragonborn Hall for quest completion and mod items.

Several displays added in the Hall of Heroes, Upper Gallery, and Library's jewelry display for mod items.

Several displays added in the Hall of Heroes and Upper Gallery for mod items.

Greatly expands the Armory displays, as well as small additions to other galleries.

Adds a display and the Dragonborn Hall, and an extra black book to the Daedric Exhibit Hall.

Adds a few unique drops to the Hall of Lost Empires.

Adds a new display beside the Library's jewelry display for the mod's items.

Displays added in the library stairwells for the new treasure maps added by the mod.

New display added in the Hall of Secrets for mod items.

Expands the Dawnguard display in the Armory for mod items.

Adds several displays in the Armory for mod items.

Adds a room to the Hall of Oddities dedicated to the quest decisions and mod items.

Adds displays for the fossils in the Gallery of Natural Science.

-SkyRe Reproccer ready (patch needed for some changes)
 -Supports "Hearthfires Multiple Adoptions" in the safehouse living space for up to 6 kids and spouse!

-Supports Latest USKP changes other than mod dependent ones   -Completely compatible with JK's Solitude and Dawn of Solitude without patching (Legacy is self patching)

-Fully compatible with most weapon model replacers such as Unique Uniques, Unique Shapes for Unique weapons and Unique Weapons Remade with in game configuration features!

Updating the MCM check list

If you install any supported mods after installing Legacy, you'll need to clean a script to make them appear on the side bar in your Legacy Checklist menu. To do this, use a tool such as FallrimTools to open your save and search for the script 'DBM_MCMScript', which should be right clicked and removed. An updated version of the script will be generated after loading your save, showing any new mods in the menu.

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