ULP V1.11

-New Explorer Relic: Picky’s Beacon and Resonator which can be found at Moesring’s Pass which, when the resonator is installed in the Dev Aveza engine, the beacon can be used to call and send the ship remotely to any of a number of primary stop locations.
-Re-labeled airship ladder destinations to be “Airship deck” and “Deboard Ship”
-Modified “Hand of Glory” quest to not add quest item to container until proper quest stage
-Fixed safehouse cookpot position (ice)
-Adjusted craft station alignments in safehouse
-Expanded crafting options in the Airship (added disenchanting font, smelter, sharpening wheel, and armor table). (ice)
-Linked craft station to the craftloot system (ice)
-Fixed Erianna’s “what have you got for sale” dialog option to not be present outside of business hours of 7am to 10PM (ice)
-Updated the factions of the 3 Redguard horses at Peakshade Tower (during Museum Heist) to make them non-aggressive. Removed essential flag of carriage horse in case the player chooses to attack it. (Picky)
-Slightly adjusted the rotation of the High Hrothgar airship flag to make it easier to select. (Picky)
-Removed FavorThadgeirAshes "Berit's Ashes" Quest Item from the Ingredients formlist so it doesn’t get sorted by the supply sorting system. (SJ)
-Removed the “initially disabled” flag from the “Divines Archives” bookcase in the Much Ado About Snow Elves quest line. (SJ)

*** Empty Large chest in lower section of Dev Aveza hold has been removed. Take out any items from it before updating.

Scripts to Clean:
DBM_QF_DBM_HauntedMuseumQuest_057AC75C (do not clean if currently on “Shadows of one’s past” quest
DBM_QF_DBM_HandofGloryQuest_0542E8D4 9Do not clean if currently on “The Hand of Glory” quest)

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