Unofficial Legacy Patch v1.12 changes:

- Refined Craftloot pre-loader to loot only more relevant containers.
- Fixed airship stations to work with craftloot system reset.
- Offset guildhouse Auryen scene trigger box to ensure scene triggers.
- Added replica options for Wooden Dragon Priest Mask and Poacher's Axe.
- More typo fixes courtesy of Mykal.
- Carried forward the latest changes from USLEEP v3.0.9.
- Adjusted the position of the Crusader’s Mace Chest at Fort Sungard to no longer be floating.
- Added a condition to the EX01 ForceGreet AI Package on Prof. Marassi that will prevent him from continually force greeting you after recruiting him under certain conditions.
- Removed DBM_PickyBeaconControl from ULP archive (unused script).
- Corrected conditions for Picky’s beacon menu (Windhelm had Winterhold quest conditions).

Clean Scripts:

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