ULP V1.13

- Reworked “An Interesting Prospect” museum join quest to have proper quest log and target text particular to the stage on the quest rather than generic “find the artifact”
- Added dwemer fragment recipes to archeology station that allow “Salvager” perk owners to break down 2-5 dwemer junk items for a chance at getting fragments or even keystones
- Added missing scribe desk recipe for book “Fragment: on Artaeum”
- Expanded early shattered legacy dialog options to all versions of Auryen
- Fixed some latoria 1st person vs 3rd person subtitle mismatches
- Fixed safehouse dish cabinet re-display delay
- Fixed keystone drop issue with excavator perk lvl 1 and 2
- Revised excavation site script to accurately notify exact item drop from dig sites
- Fixed the Poacher’s Axe replica recipe

Clean Scripts:

NOTE: If you are currently on the quest "An Interesting Prospect" it may be best to complete that quest before upgrading due to changes in that quest's stage functionality.

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