From Ice:

ULP V1.16.5 will be the final patch for V18 for the foreseeable future. Picky and I are diving right in to do one final huge cleanup of old assets, obsolete forms and to polish up how a few quests are handled mechanically before releasing V19. Once V19 is released, there will be a 6 month hiatus on any Legacy development while we turn our focus on Odyssey full bore. The ONLY patches that will be released for V19 during this break will be CRITICAL issues only.

- Updated fossil handler glitch that prevented MCM checklist from working
- Fixed corrupted data in Tools of the Trade Quest
- -Optimized Tools of the Trade to mark objectives complete upon finding relics before picking up the map.
- Added a missing function to Digging Up Explorers quest override (for relic hunter addon)
- Corrected Telescope VFX

Scripts to clean:
DBM_ExplorerRelicFoundScript (this is now redundant)

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